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The First 20 Hours

How to Learn Anything... FAST!

by Josh Kaufman, bestselling author of The Personal MBA

Chapter 7: Go

Josh Kaufman playing go

Summary: How I Learned to Play Go

How to Play Go Online

If you're curious about playing a game of Go to see what it's like, here's a nice online program that doesn't require installing special software.

Play Go Online via "Go vs. Go"

Wang Jixin's "Ten Golden Rules of Go"

  1. “The greedy do not get success.”
  2. “Be unhurried to enter opponent’s territory.”
  3. “Take care of oneself when attacking the other.”
  4. “Discard a stone to gain sente.”
  5. “Abandon small to save big.”
  6. “When in danger, sacrifice.”
  7. “Make thick shape, avoid hasty moves.”
  8. “A move must respond to the opponent.”
  9. “Against strong positions, play safely.”
  10. “Look for peace, avoid fighting in an isolated or weak situation.”

The "Five Stone" Questions

  1. Can I ensure one of my groups lives? (By forming two eyes, connecting, etc.)
  2. Can I kill one of my opponent's groups?
  3. Can I secure my territory?
  4. Can I invade my opponent's territory?