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The First 20 Hours

How to Learn Anything... FAST!

by Josh Kaufman, bestselling author of The Personal MBA

Chapter 4: Yoga

Josh Kaufman doing yoga

Summary: How I Learned Yoga

Yoga Diagrams

If you're listening to the audiobook edition of The First 20 Hours, you can't see the pose diagrams. Click the button below to check them out.

View the yoga pose diagrams

The Sun Salutation Sequence

Here's a nice overview of the "Sun Salutation" (surya namaskara) sequence of poses that make up the core of vinyasa-style yoga practice. This video was created by Lily Cushman, founder of the Brooklyn Yoga School.

The "Fuzz Speech" by Dr. Gil Hedley

This is the anatomy video that I mentioned in the Yoga chapter of The First 20 Hours that caught my attention. (NOTE: contains images of a human cadaver, so skip this if you're squeamish.)